Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Conveniently Selective Outrage of the “Culture of Life”

Considerable outrage has been expressed in recent weeks concerning the much-reported family tragedy in Florida and of course the loudest voices in this cacophony have come from the “right to life” community. The typical argument from this community includes accusations that the US government has begun to sponsor euthanasia, that the US populous is too complacent with their government’s actions and some of the more fuming talking heads have even resorted to comparing the current state of the U.S. to that of Nazi Germany. And I must admit there is some truth in these accusations.

However, the irony of this situation is that the most convincing evidence of our country having gone astray is being completely ignored by the self appointed protectors of life. In Huston on March 15 a five month old child was taken off of life support against the wishes of his family. In this case there was no disagreement among family members concerning the course of treatment, they all felt that the child should remain on life support. However, according to a 1999 Texas Advanced Directives Act a hospital can legally cease life-sustaining treatment even against the expressed wishes of the patient or their families if the hospital decides that such treatment is hopeless (READ: COSTS TO MUCH!). It is also worth noting that this law does not require that the patient in question be in any sort of compromised mental state, so theoretically at the hospital’s urging an individual in perfect mental health could be taken off of life-support and not even be consulted about the discussion. What kind of a monster would support such a law? I don’t know but maybe George W Bush, who signed the act during his last year as governor of Texas (while at the same time running a pro-life presidential campaign) would have some thoughts on the matter.

The fact that the leader of “The Culture of Life” movement is directly culpable for the death of Wanda Hudson’s son may be one of the reasons why there were no TV cameras outside of her son’s hospital two weeks ago when he died. There weren’t any protestors either. And of course no federal effort was made to defend her child’s right to life. However, I have to wonder if the current republican leadership’s involvement in this death is the only reason why the “Culture of Life” is conveniently silent on this subject or if perhaps there is something much more sinister at work? Perhaps the “Culture of Life” being promoted is not a culture that concerns it’s self with the economically disadvantaged or certain minorities or those with non-tradition religious beliefs as Wanda Hudson falls into all of these categories.

Historically, whenever politics and organized religion are married the result is almost always a totalitarian regime that pays lip service to morality and a religious hierarchy that is so greedy for political power that they refuse to point out the government’s hypocrisy. I fear that if the well-intentioned members of the “Culture of Life” do not do a better job selecting their leaders, then they may be remembered in the same light as the German villagers who lived around concentration camps.

Detroit Free Press: 5-month-old taken off life support dies


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