North Hall Society

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Why We Must Invade Iran Immediately!

It is of the up most importance that the United States immediately invades and disarms Iran. I know this argument may seem odd (particularly coming from me). However, after seeing recent reports concerning Iran’s admission to the International Atomic Energy Agency that they have been producing uranium hexaflouride and Colin Powell’s proclamation that US intelligence confirms Iranian dissidents are attempting to produce nuclear weapons I am forced to come to this conclusion.

We cannot know if Iran is telling us to truth when they claim that the uranium hexaflouride is intended for the production of atomic energy and not the production of atomic weapons. However, we can be certain that the Iranian government knows that we preemptively invaded Iraq because we believed that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction, despite warnings to the contrary from the International Atomic Energy Agency. We can also be certain that the Iranian government knows that the United States now believes that the Iranians not only have the capability to create but intend create and use atomic weapons. AND this time the International Atomic Energy Agency believes that Iran has this capability because Iran has admitted it has this capability.

So, the government of Iran knows that we will feel justified in invading and overthrowing any nation we believe has weapons of mass destruction that could be used against the United States. They also know that we believe they have this capability and will not accept any other nation’s assurance that Iran does not have this capability. Therefore, it is only logical to assume that the Iranians believe that a US invasion is inevitable and that it would be pure folly to obey their agreement with the European Union to freeze their nuclear program. In fact it logically follows that the Iranians will deduce that the only thing which will halt an invasion by a vastly superior US military force is either the use or the threat of nuclear weapons. Therefore the Iranians must believe that the only way to preserve their nation and way of life is to double their efforts to create atomic weapons.

When the globe repercussions of a fundamentalist theocratic nation in the most volatile region in the world possessing atomic weapons is taken into consideration we must admit that the threat of nuclear weapons in Iran is a hundred times more urgent, a hundred time more important and hundred times more immediate then the threat of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. We also must admit that we are obligated to act to prevent this situation from becoming reality by any means necessary. We must do this not for the sake of our safety at home, not for the sake of democratic ideals and not for the sake of anything short of preventing global annihilation. We have fallen to far down the slippery slope of the doctrine of preemptive strike to return to our previous methods. We must accept responsibility for the course of action we have committed ourselves to and follow it though to its enviable conclusion because the alternative is unthinkable.

There is not doubt that our invasion of Iran would cause every Islamic nation in the world to unite against us. There is not doubt that the blood shed and dreadful atrocities sure to be committed on both sides in the war which followed would be the most horrific thing ever seen in the human era. Furthermore, there is not doubt that even if victorious the United State will be forever remembered as a nation of warmongers. But we must act thus, not for peace in our time, not for the relaxed erroneous assurance that humanity is not capable of such horror and not for the legacy of our nation. We must act thus because we are in this one for no less then the species.