Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Perhaps Kierkegaard did not deny the metaphysical of the fallenness of man, but one must acknowledge that an incorrect reading of Kierkegaard could lead to the breakdown of such ideas. It seems evident in the Post-Modern Philosopihes of deconstructionism, etc. Sadly it would seem that one could draw a line from these relativistic ideas to existentialists, or perhaps even as far back as Descartes who set the standard for beginning philosophy from the individual. After this shift, philosophy split into the more Lebniz-ian conception of rationality and the train of thought that lead to the "subjectivism" of Kierkegaard. It would seem that the latter is more in keeping with the spirit of Descartes thought. I would argue that in a sense Descartes was asking the same questions as Socrates and Augustine , "Who am I?" But this question I think needs to be placed into the contect of the reality of the universe (and for Augustine the supernatural as well) - "Who am I?" and "How do I fit into the world around me?" Sadly, it would seem that Post-Modernism has lost sight of this last question.


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